5 pubg best and new features on pubg update mobile: zombie dog,MVP,climbing

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The PUBG MOBILE new update v0.13.0, it has some amazing new updates for PUBG lovers. the latest update of PUBG is THE DEATHMATCH will be available in both FPP and TPP and it is also getting some new random controls and MVP’S will be also be displayed and the another new thing we will see footprints in vikendi map. pre installed zombies will not be longer in the new update. PUBG will introduce us with new zombies in the new update and the another thing is PUBG could get some new content as we all know Tencent Games has tied up with new upcoming movie Godzilla: king of monsters so let’s start talk about the updates here we go.

5 pubg best and new features on pubg update mobile: zombie dog,MVP,climbing

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Zombie Dogs : the new update of PUBG MOBILE is the zombie dogs this is the new updated zombie at old zombies place this zombie dog is like an ordinary dog but the main difference is it has more power than compare to an ordinary dog it can damage your player in different ways compare to other zombies. it has special power of wall jumping and it is faster than other zombies.

Nitrogen Grenade : this update has already updated in the last update of  PUBG MOBILE. the special thing of the grenade is you can freeze zombies with this grenade and you can slow the zombies down you can use this grenade in PUBG to escape when there are so many zombies are attacking on you.

TDM (fpp and tpp) : the another new and amazing update of PUBG MOBILE is you can play the TDM( THE DEATHMATCH) now in FPP mode. in the FPP mode you can’t see your player you can see through your player’s eyes in the game. this is the good feature for PUBG mobile players.

Climbing button: climbing button is a new feature.it is a button that will be used for climbing. this can  be enabled from settings.

MVP showcase: the developers of Pubg Mobile  have also added a new feature that is MVP showcase system with help of this feature when the match is end. all players will receive its own MVP pose.


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