ASUS ROG PHONE 2 launch in 2019


this phone officially launch for gamers.
the asus ROG phone 2 is the fastest phone right now in all ovr the world.
these phone beat galaxy note 10 and one plus 7 pro on banch mark. 
price range of these phone not official launch , but it comes a little bit expensive. in front , glass comes with gorilla glass 6 and back comes with gorilla glass 3. back panal is little bit cool for gamers. fingerprint sensor comes with inbuild screen. it comes with 2 usb type port and comes with 4 mic and 3.5 head jack. their is two sensor near power button for gaming


  1. these phone comes with snapdragon 855++ 
  2. 120 Hz amoled display
  3. 6.59 size of display
  4. 12 GB of Ram
  5. 512GB storage
  6. 6000 mah battery
  7. wait 240 grams
  8. 48+13 MP dual camera
  9. 24MP front camera for superb Sharp image
  10. 4 mic for noise cancellation
  11. 3.5 mm jack
ASUS ROG PHONE 2 launch in 2019


these phone overclock of GPU by 15% and cpu 

call of duty vs pubg mobile


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