Sony FX3 : The most affordable cinema camera

Design, Sensor and Image Processing

Beginning with the body, the Sony FX3 has a magnesium amalgam body. Sony has embraced moisture and dust-proof design aside from the XLR handle. The camera estimates 77.8mm x 129.7mm x 84.5mm and weighs around 715 grams.

Sony FX3 DesignHere, the Sony FX3 highlights a full-outline back-enlightened Exmor CMOS sensor. The viable pixel mean video and still pictures are 10.2MP and 12.1MP, separately.

It is combined with BIONZ XR picture processing. The standard ISO range is between 80 and 102,400. Nonetheless, it tends to be extended to up to 409,600 in shooting mode. Essentially, the dynamic reach is 15+ stops wide.


This camera accompanies the S-Cinetone color matix. It permits users to make cinematic contant without going through after creation.

The actual highlights has been gotten from lead VENICE camera and subsequently conveys regular mid-tones, delicate tones, and smooth highlight.

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Moreover, the FX3 has a limit of 627 focuses for its Hybrid auto-focus. Be that as it may, it will depending on the shooting mode.

The Touch Tracking feature permits users to choose the subjects to be focused around and followed.

Essentially, the company has additionally improved Real-time Eye AF, AF Transition Speed, and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity dependent on the users’ input.

Picture Stabilization

Sony FX3 has a 5-hub optical in-self-perception adjustment. There is likewise a dedicated Active Mode for film shooting.

Yet, it results in croped picture and can’t be utilized while recording recordings at 120fps and higher.

Users can likewise utilize the adjustment metadata to change pictures during post-production utilizing certain devices.


Much of the time utilized controls like ISO, IRIS, and white balance are set on the grip and on the highest point of the camera.

Furthermore, the camera has 15 traditions keys that you can appoint to 140 functions dependent on your preference.

The zoom switch on the highest point of the grip permits the utilization of Clear Image Zoom even with unpowered zoom and prime lenses. Recording lamp are on various pieces of the body. There is likewise a touch-enabled LCD screen.

Rest of the highlights

Sony FX3 likewise accompanies a active cooling system. The company has incorporated a fan and a heat scattering system in the camera so users can continue to record 4K 60p recordings without warm closure.

The base board draws air from the encompassing which exits from the side. Also, the USB-C port on the camera upholds PD quick charging.

There are two media slots in FX3 that support CFexpress and SDXC cards. Other network choices incorporate double band Wi-Fi, wired LAN, picture transfer via FTP server, etc.

Sony FX3 : The most affordable cinema camera
Sony FX3

Sony FX3 features

  • S-Cinetone color matrix
  • Records up to 4K 120p (10% image crop)
  • Active cooling system
  • ISO expandable up to 409,600
  • BIONZ XR image processing engine
  • 10.2MP full-frame back-illuminated CMOS Exmor R sensor
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization with Active Mode

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