How to Create a Website in 2022 : Easy Steps For Beginner

In the year 2022, How to Create a website in 2022 without knowing anything about web designing and web development or any type of codings.

Whether you want to create a website for your company business or for your own you can create it by doing the right things.

These 5 easy steps for beginners will help you to create a website without spending your money.

if you think how to create a website in 2022 is rocket science so let us tell you, You just need a maximum of 3 hours to follow the guide to complete your website.

Table of Contents

Select a Domain Name first
Get Web-Hosting and Register Domain Name
Set-up WordPress while Create a Website
Customize your Website Design and Structure
Add Content/Pages to your Website
Now you are ready to Rock with Your Own Website

Things you need in order to How to create a website in 2022

Domain: first you have to find a web address.

Website hosting: service that will host your website

WordPress: commonly used websites platform.

How to create a website in 2022, first you will have to buy a domain name (web address) and a web hosting account. These make sure that your internet site is absolutely handy to others. Without one or every other, you’ll be unable to set up a website.

Once you’ve got domain and hosting, you may create a WordPress internet site. WordPress is the most famous website building platform this is being used by 32% of all of the websites on the Internet.

Creating a WordPress website is simple, it is just one click process.

Once you’ve completed the manual, you’ll have a total running website online, on a custom domain call, and absolutely handy by way of others.

How to create a website in 2022, let us know, Here we go

Step 1: (How to create a website in 2022) Select a Domain Name first

In order to how to create a website, the very first factor you’ll want is a website name.

The domain name is your internet site call and cope with. That cope with is utilized by visitors while they try to locate your website through their internet browsers.

This internet site’s domain name is websitesetup.Org. Yours may be anything.

Domain names can cost everywhere from $7 to $52 a year. The typical price tag is around $16.

  1. If you’re creating an internet site for an enterprise, your area name has to fit your enterprise call. For example YourCompanyName.Com

2. If you’re planning to install a private internet site for your self then YourName.Com may be a tremendous option.

3. Use a “regular” domain call extension along with .Com, .Net or.Org if your purpose is international site visitors. Use a “local” area name extension which includes.De, Fr, or. Ru if your aim is country-centered site visitors.

Don’t fear if your preferred domain call is already taken. There are more than three hundred million different domains registered, however, there are a thousand million other opportunities that are nonetheless to be had.

Step 2: (How to create a website in 2022) Get Web Hosting and Register Domain

The second most important thing that you have to do in how to create a website is to get web hosting

In addition to having a site called, you’ll additionally want website hosting (net web hosting).

Web website hosting is a service that hosts and stores your internet site documents (content) on a comfy server this is constantly up and jogging. Without an internet host, your website will not be handy for others to read and read.

Affordable and dependable net web hosting for brand new websites charges usually between $4 to $10 a month. but an essential investment in your internet site achievement.

Whichever net website hosting organisation you sign on with, ensure it has the subsequent features:

  1. FREE area name with SSL (for security)
    2.One-click-installation for WordPress (unfastened)
    3.Custom email accounts
    4.Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth (no site visitors barriers)
    5.Customer assist, preferably 24/7 live chat

We suggest using Bluehost.Com for web hosting and domain names. They provide unfastened domain registration for the first yr and getting a site name and hosting from an equal employer saves you some time and money.

1.To get a web hosting account, really go to Bluehost and click on “Get Started Now”.

How to Create a Website in 2022

2.Next, pick your internet hosting plan (choice plus is completely unlimited, whilst simple is nice for new web sites)

How to Create a Website in 2022

3.Next, pick out and register a website name (free for the primary year)

How to Create a Website in 2022

Keep in thoughts that Bluehost doesn’t offer united states-precise area endings, including.De, Fr, or. Ru. If you need them, you may buy those from GoDaddy.Com one after the other.

4.Once you’ve completed your registration procedure it’ll take a couple of minutes to get on-the-spot access, so you can begin constructing your internet site right away.

How to Create a Website in 2022

STEP 3 : (How to create a website in 2022) Set Up WordPress while create a Website

The third most important thing in how to create a website in 2022, is that so many bloggers use on their website is set up WordPress.

Once you have your area call and internet website hosting ready to go, you’ll need to pick and set up an internet site constructing platform (additionally referred to as CMS).

We endorse deciding on WordPress because it’s clean to apply and comes with heaps of unfastened designs and accessories that make your website appearance expert and specific.

Setting up your WordPress internet site is easy, and your net host generally does it for you, so you don’t virtually should get your fingers too grimy.

If you don’t use Bluehost as internet hosting, don’t worry. Many net websites hosting carriers have “WordPress installation” positioned somewhere in the hosting cPanel. If you are managing an internet host that doesn’t provide “one-click installs“, attempt putting in WordPress manually.

1) Installing WordPress on website

1.Log in to your hosting account

2.Click on “My Sites” and then on “Create Site”

How to Create a Website in 2022

3.Provide some basic information about your site, and the WordPress installation will start. It will all happen on autopilot.

4.When the setup is accomplished, Bluehost will show you the installation and login details. Be positive to shop this statistics someplace secure.

How to Create a Website in 2022

2) Test your internet site through typing in your domain deal with

With WordPress set up, what you need to do subsequent is check if the entirety works.

The easiest way to do this is to type to your area name into the web browser.

With WordPress correctly hooked up, the thing you’ll see is a totally simple website like this:

3) Verify SSL/HTTPS setting

In brief, an SSL certificate makes certain that your website is introduced on your traffic securely.

Bluehost mechanically adds an SSL when you create a new website or deploy WordPress. To test your web page’s SSL repute, do those steps:

1.Log in on your Bluehost portal
2.Click on “My Sites”
3.Find your site and click on “Manage Site”
4.Go to the “Security” tab

Under “Security Certificate,” you will find your “Free SSL Certificate” reputation

If the whole thing went well, you ought to see a lock icon subsequent on your area name within the internet browser.

It may additionally take some hours before the SSL is set up absolutely, however that shouldn’t forestall you from continuing to build your internet site.

Step 4 : (How to create a website in 2022) Customize Your Website Design and Structure

After installing wordpress the next important thing in How to create a website in 2022 is to customize you website.

1) Choose a theme in your website

WordPress issues are out-the-container design packages that change the manner your complete internet site looks like. WordPress themes are interchangeable – you can transfer from theme to topic easily.

Most importantly, there are thousands of free and paid WordPress issues to be had on the internet.

How to Create a Website in 2022

If you want to get a free theme – which is in which the majority like to start – the nice location to go is the reputable subject listing at WordPress.Org. Particularly, the section for the maximum popular themes.

All topics you notice there have been established to be of tremendous fine and have big consumer bases behind them.

You are free to browse thru that list and choose any subject matter you fancy however to speed matters up for you in this guide, we suggest Neve. It’s a flexible subject matter that comes with a handful of starter sites (layout packages for unique niches and varieties of websites).

We’re going to apply that theme on this manual going forward.

2) Install the subject matter you want

Go to your WordPress admin interface. You can locate it at YOURSITE.Com/wp-admin. Use the username and password you obtain at some stage in WordPress set up.

1.From the sidebar, go to Themes → Add New.

How to Create a Website in 2022

2.In the hunt field, type in “Neve” and click on at the “Install” button subsequent to the topic’s name:How to create a website in 2022 or internet site: deploy theme

How to Create a Website in 2022

3.After the installation is performed, click at the “Activate” button with a purpose to appear in area of the “Install” button.
4.You’ll see a success message, which lets you recognize that the set up went as expected.

3.Import a design (only for Neve theme users)

Although the subject is active at this factor, there are a pair greater things you need to do to make it appearance proper.

One of the first-rate matters approximately Neve is which you get no longer just one layout with it, but an entire variety of various designs that you can select from. Click at the large blue button to see them.

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

There are extra than 20 designs to be had without spending a dime, and they cover a maximum of the popular internet site niches, like enterprise, restaurant, health, song, food, wedding ceremony, photography, eCommerce, portfolio, and more. Basically, no matter what the topic of your website might be, you’ll find a layout bundle that fits.

For the motive of this guide, we’ll select the first one on the list – referred to as “Original.”

You’ll be aware that this installation method looks after all the elements you’ll need on your website online – you get the layout itself, all of the plugins required to make it work, and also demo content material that you can later modify.

Click on the “Import” button to get the whole thing going. After a minute or so, you’ll see the achievement message.

Next, visit “Appearance → Neve Options” to look at what else you can do with the theme. Neve getting started

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

We’re going to explore some of these alternatives under:

4. Add a Logo

The first issue that maximum users need to do is add their brand and feature it displayed in the top left corner of the web page. Let’s do this now.

Once you have got an emblem geared up, you may add it to your web page. Go to “Appearance → Neve Options” and click on the link categorized “Upload Logo.”

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

Here’s what you’ll see:

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

This interface is referred to as the WordPress Customizer, and it allows you to edit numerous factors of your website’s appearance. For starters, you may upload your logo. To do this, click on the “Select Logo” button that’s near the pinnacle left nook.

WordPress will give you an option to crop the emblem, however, you may pass that.

You have to see your logo within the nook of the web page quickly.

Additionally, you can pick out in case you want to show the website name and tagline along with the logo, and set the max-width of the brand. Experiment with these settings and pick out what works excellent for you.

Click on the “Publish” button when carried out (the pinnacle left nook), and then click on the “X” button to go out the Customizer.

5. Change website coloration scheme and fonts

Another element you can test with is changing the shade schemes and fonts used on the web page. As you’re getting to know a way to create a website, that is a clean restore to make your website greater particular and more in song along with your brand identity.

1. To start, visit “Appearance → Neve Options” once more. We’re going to focus on the subsequent two options: How to create a website in 2022: change hues and fonts

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

2. First, click on “Set Colors.”
3. Most WordPress themes are defined by means of the color scheme they use for diverse elements of the layout.
4. Most typically, the ones are colorings of the hyperlinks, texts on the website, and backgrounds.
5. You can change the shade assignments for the Neve subject through the Customizer.
6. To transfer any of the colors, just click on it and pick a new color. Change colors

7. Click on “Publish” and “X” whilst you’re done.

Changing fonts works similarly:

1. Click on the “Customize Fonts” link in the “Appearance → Neve Options” panel.
2. Neve lets you choose from an entire catalog of device fonts and Google Fonts.
3. Just click on the “Font Family” box and select the font you like. Alternate fonts.

4. After that, you could first-rate-song the person fonts used in your headings.

Experiment with these settings to peer the effect they’ve for your web page.

1 . To personalize the font used for the frame section of your website online, click on the arrow button close to the pinnacle left. Cross back customizer.

2 . Click on “General.” This will take you to a comparable alternatives panel, but this time you’re adjusting the mainframe font.

3 . Click on “Publish” and “X” when carried out.

6) Add a sidebar

Another aspect you could do inside the “Appearance → Neve Options” panel is ready how you’d like your sidebar to appearance. Click on “Content / Sidebar” to start.

You have the 3 most important alternatives right here: no sidebar, sidebar to the left, or sidebar to the proper. The sidebar to the right is the conventional format for maximum websites. You can also set the content material width. After doing all of your adjustments, click on “Publish” and “X.”

7. Add widgets (free WordPress add-ons)

Widgets are the small content blocks that appear in sidebars of websites

To configure widgets, go to “Appearance → Widgets.” You’ll see this

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

On the left, you can see all the widgets available; and at the proper, there are all the widget areas supported with the aid of your present-day theme. To upload a widget to the sidebar, all you need to do is grab the widget from the left and drag and drop it onto the sidebar location.

For example, in case you want to list all of your pages in the sidebar, clutch the “Pages” widget and drag it onto the sidebar phase. You also can configure a few fundamental settings of the widget.

8) Customise with the theme you built

What we’ve covered above can be enough with a view to determining out how to create a website in 2022 to look amazing.

go to “Appearance → Customize.” here you can customize your theme internally.

Step 5: (How to create a website in 2022) Add Content/Pages to Your Website

The next thing in How to create a website in 2022 is to add some important pages to your website.

Pages are the essence of your website. It’s hard to imagine an internet site with no pages on it, proper?

From a technical factor of view, a web page is only a file on the web. It’s now not very specific out of your traditional Word file apart from it having your internet site’s branding elements which include the header and footer.

Web pages are smooth to create in WordPress. But before we get into the how-to, let’s discuss what pages you ought to create inside the first region.

Most websites will discover the subsequent pages critical:

Homepage – the homepage is the first page where your followers or visitors see when they go to your website

Blog page – A listing of your most current weblog posts; in case you’re not making plans on running a blog, you may use the weblog web page as a place in your company news and announcements

About page – A page explaining what your website is ready

Contact page – Here is your visitor’s contact with you

Many of the pages above can be very similar in shape – the most effective difference being the content material on the real web page. Basically, once you learn how to create one web page, you’ll recognize how to create them all. With that, there may be a few nuances right here, so permit’s now cover a way to create multiple primary styles of pages:

Creating Homepage

If you use neve then your homepage will look like this

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

you can edit structure of the page means text and images to do that click on edit with elementor in the top of the bar.

Then you will see the page of Elementor builder.

Elementor page means where you can click on any option and edit your page directly.

If you check the left sidebar, there’s a whole customization panel there. You can alter the shape and the styling of any content block. For instance, here’s what you can see when working on the headline:

Another amazing thing is that you could snatch onto any element on the web page, and drag-and-drop it somewhere else.

To add new factors, click on the small rectangular icon within the top-left nook.

You’ll see a listing of all the content material blocks to be had.

Grab any of the blocks and drag it onto the web page’s canvas.

The fine way to paintings in your homepage is to move block by means of a block and edit the demo content that’s on the page.

Type in new textual content, realign some of the blocks, delete the ones you don’t need, and upload new ones as a consequence.

This whole interface is pretty intuitive to apply, so just spend an hour or so usage of it and experimenting with various things.

About and contact page

“go to Pages → Add New.” You’ll see this interface

How to Create a Website: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

Every web page wishes a title, so start via adding one where it says “Add a title.” For instance, “About Us” or “Contact.”

Next, select a page layout. If you’re creating a trendy web page, you may go together with the first one at the listing – “Single Row.” But to hurry matters up, you can pick from the template library. For that, click on at the blue button.

You’ll see a window letting you choose from various pre-made web page sections. If you’re operating on your approximate page, for example, you can quickly discover and use the subsequent blocks

Just click on the “Insert” button next to the block you want, and it will be added to the web page. From there, you may similarly customize it, change the texts, or update photographs.

When you’re done, click on the “Publish” button in the top right corner of the screen.

You can follow the same process when working on your contact page.

always, remember to click on “Publish” when you’re done.

Creating blog page

The blog page is wherein the list of your maximum latest weblog posts can be found.

The suitable information is that the weblog page has already been created for you. This took place when you mounted WordPress and the Neve subject matter. You can see that page via going to Pages

Click on the “View” link to see your blog page in action.

Add new blog posts

Go to Posts → Add New

This is the equal enhancing environment that we used when creating widespread pages.

Step 6: (How to create a website in 2022) Set Up Navigation Menu

Last important thing in how to create a website in 2022, is to create a navigation menu.

The following step in our quest to how to create a website in 2022, is to install your navigation (a website menu). The menu is what your site visitors will use to go from web page to web page on your website.

Go to “Appearance → Menus,” and from there, click on “create a new menu.”

1. Start by using including a title. The menu name doesn’t simply count, but it enables you to recognize your menu among other menus (sure, you may have multiple).

2. Select the pages to be introduced on your menu. You can also add different items to the menu – like posts or custom links.
3. click at the “Add to Menu” button to feature the chosen pages for your menu.
4. Drag-and-drop menu objects to arrange the links so as of importance.
5. Select a menu display location. This differs from theme to subject matter, in this situation, set your menu to the “Primary” place will display the menu within the header.
6. Lastly, save your menu.

How to create a website in 2022 was a question for you, now you know how to create a website in 2022 finally you have learned, now you can create your own website and work on it.

Here is our small work for you now you have learned How to create a website in 2022.

Now you can create your own website.

Hope you Like our little effort.

Thank you for reading our post on How to create a website in 2022.

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