PMCO global final day 3 in berlin , match 4 in Erangel map, team soul gameplay and rank

PMCO global final day 3 in Berlin , match 4

BigetronEsports(BTR) come 1st in match fourth and  team soul from India come in 13th rank in  day3 in  match 4th, in ERANGEL MAP, soul play very well but zone is not in soul team fever, they make a wrong decision to go from bridge in rozok . erange map is very classic map and it is strengh for soul team from india and the number of people play erange is very high as compare to vikendi and miramer in india  as well as all over the world, it is mid size map as compare to miramar, miramar is largest map in pubg mobile

PMCO global final day 3

BigetronEsports(BTR) come 1st in match 4th


PMCO spring split global finals, sponsored by vivo , top 16 team from around the world will battle against each other
PMCO Spring Split Global Finals, sponsored by vivo ,Top 16 teams from around the world will battle against each other in PMCO Spring Split Global Finals.
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which team go from india in PMCO global final in berlin?

team soul go from india for play pubg mobile PMCO global final in berlin, in berlin soul mortal say keep supporting us we keep delivering.soul team member win PMIS and finally won PMCO india to qualify for berlinthe team consist of four member-

  1. soul mortal
  2. soul Owais
  3. soul ROnak
  4. soul Viper

Event Dates of pubg mobile: 26 – 28 July

Venue: Estrel Congress Centre, Berlin, Germany

Match Schedule – Day 3 :

Game 1 – SanhokGame

2 – ErangelGame

3 – MiramarGame

4 – ErangelGame

5 – VikendiGame

6 – Erangel

Teams Playing in PMCO global final :

1 RRQAthena2 BigetronEsports(BTR) 3TeamSouL4TELITESPORTS5 TEAMUNIQUE6 NOVAESPORTS7 GCBusan8 SCARZs9 SNT10 BRAZILIANKILLERS11 SpacestationGaming12 PLM13 XQF14 TeamQueso15 TOPEsports16 ARG


Prize pool (USD) global final

  • 1st 180000 2nd 90000 3rd 45000

this match live on youtube channnel

  • PUBG MOBILE india Official
  • PUBG MOBILE Esports

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