pubg lite for mobile

Pubg lite for mobile

pubg mobile lite on available in tested version, this game is not officially launched by the corporation.

This game is not available in all countries.

After that, you can also download it through a virtual private network and run it on your mobile.

Therefore this version does not want high specifications in mobile.

so In this game-high pin will arise. and many bugs are there.

pubg corporation work on it and pin issue and bug fixed then they launch their official version.

pubg lite for mobile


pubg is installed size reduced by 30MB
work on a mobile device with just 1 GB of RAM
size of the map will be reduced
compatible with more devices
work on lower graphical quality

pubg lite for mobile


the specification requires for pubg mobile version

  1. RAM: pubg mobile wants at least about 2 to 4 GB of ram, but PUBG version work for only 1GB of ram. but it available in the tested version on many websites.
  2. graphics: Similarly low graphic are required.

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