pubg mobile ban

Pubg mobile ban in India and export is falling

Pubg mobile ban

Pubg mobile ban

Tencent lost approximately 34$ billion in just two days after the pubg mobile ban in india,

The company says that they were engaging with Indian authorities to continue the availability of the app in India,

pubg mobile is made by a Chinese company it’s name is Tencent

Its company shares market price fall by 3% on the second day of the India ban,

This is known as the second biggest game

And this Tencent company lost 66$ billion dollars by us government banned WeChat in us.

According to Tencent authority T

hey said to business insider India is India data is safe and secure we never sare that data with anyone

With pubg mobile app 108 apps with 59 Chinese apps and 47 other apps banned in India by the Indian government at 29 June

India is the largest pubg mobile community

India’s largest pubg mobile community is about 24% than come china is about 16.4% and then come us is about 6.4 %

Tencent also launch pubg lite to expand the business and user India,

The litter version called pubg mobile lite is for a lower level of mobile and for lower connectivity. in India.

Pubg mobile could not be making much amount of money they make only 5% but if you compare

It with China and Janan and us, Tencent make a huge amount of money is about 52% than coming us 14% and Japan 5.6%.

This game is very violent, additive, and a source of distraction.

This game has come in banlist of Indian government but in India pubg computer can be played

There is many problems in India by pubg

There is 25 % of players comes from India, and around 50 million active users in India.

And the application downloaded by 175 million times.

This game is very addictive and affects very badly of Indian gamer’s mental state.

Due to the higher pubg community, several professional mobile games are occurring in India with a high amount of price.

Many disorder is seen in pubg mobile player

As per the world health organization, gaming disorder is very dangerous for disorder in which they priorities.

Their activities to only pubg mobile do not adopt any daily activities due to which the occurrence of negative consequences.

There are many signs is seen in pasent of gaming disorder.

  • Gaming is become needy things nowdays
  • play so much of the game without any control
  • only in interested in pubg mobile and left their hobby. except for video game,
  • many of us become sad, and angry about it
There are many cases in indian student dead because of pubg mobile

highly extensive pubg mobile player is died because of a stroke while playing this game, his age is about 25 year.

The main reason of his death is intracerebral hemorrhaging because he is too excited while playing pubg mobile.

While is medical report is saying intracerebral bleeding with brain tissue necrosis as the cause of death.

This is not the first time someone died because of pubg mobile and the second one is 16-year-old boy.

He is playing mobile continuously for several days and skipping several meals and does not drink water.

Than the result is death.

In India e sports is lack of 2 year

Because of pubg mobile in India, many youtube gamer come and play pubg mobile and contribute to gaming contribute and make the community bigger.

And because pubg mobile is banned by the Indian government esports is falling.

And there is no such game in India to contribute to esports, many esports players lost their job.

So anyone can say this esports is so dynamic and unpredictable

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