shawn mendes and camila cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have gone from BFFs to officially BF & GF, so let’s take a look through their journey from friends to BF & GF

They could be more than friends, it whispers when they released their certified and number 1 hit song ‘Senorita’.

Shawn and Camila couldn’t keep their hands off each other during Shawn’s 21st birthday celebrations, with the couple pictured walking hand-in-hand as they strolled through New York City. As everyone cheered him on, Shawn took Camila’s hand and kissed her on her lips

In an interview Camila spoke about being in love, She said
“Beginning to look all starry eyed at resembles a limitless measure of levels and layers and points. I became hopelessly enamored and simply opened up”
Everyone assumed she was talking about Shawn. They kissed each other while swimming in Miami.

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