What does ONTD mean? What is the full form of ONTD?

The acronym “ONTD” is a popular blog or a website, this blog or website is especially for those people who really want to know gossips about celebrities. I know you must have heard this out there or seen it on the internet after knowing this you must be thinking what does “ONTD” mean.

So we are here to tell you

Do you want to know that what does ONTD mean? Let us know you.

First thing’s first the full-orm of ONTD is Oh No They Didn’t

The initialism ‘ONTD’ is used to produce the sentence ‘Oh NO They Didn’t’ This sentence is the blog name of the largest online celebrity you can find or see on Live journal.

This blog is all about discussion and celebrity gossiping, news and post are from other celebrity blogs all around the world and it sometimes offers a celebrity feature also.

Cradle of ONTD

Let us know some more stuff about this blog it is gonna sound like a little historcal.

This blog or website was made between 2003-4 by three friends and their names were Bri Draffen, Eric Lang, and Breniecia.

And in 2009 this blog or website was hand over to the moderators who still running this blog or website.

Example of conversation

A text conversation between two person.

Person 1: I got addicted to this blog

Person2: I am also addicted, I am addicted this much that I read it every day before doing anything.

Person1: Same here brother. I feel incomplete until I check this blog.

An online conversation between two person on instagram

Person1: Hey man do you know an online blog or website to get celebrities’ news and gossip?

Person2: Yes brother I know a blog or website its name is ONTD! And the domain name of that blog or website is ohnotheydidn’t.com. It is a place you will know gossips about celebrities.

Person1: Oh it sounds amazing man thank you so much.

Wanna know ONTD mean? Do you want to know what does ONTD mean?

The full form of ONTD is Oh No They Didn’t


Still can’t find or understand the initialism definition for the word.

Let us know you it is just the full form or nothing else.

We are here just to let you know the full form of The word.

Alternatives to “ontd”

This acronym is the name of a blog or website, There are not som many phrases or words that you can use as another option or as an alternative. the only you could do is you can use the entire word “OhNoTheyDidnt” rather than shorten it to an acronym.

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