What is a domain name? easy guide

what is a domain name

What is a domain name and how does domain work?

If you are new in this field then you must have read or heard somwhere about domain that domain is a first step to create a website.

So many people who are new in this field they get confuse between domain and hosting.

But let me tell you both are different things, i will clear you confusion in this blog.

In this easy guide of what is a domain name, i will let you know every single things that is related about domain.

If you want to create a website and you are a beginner then this blog is really important for you.

Important topics that we will cover in this blog:

1.What is a domain name? easy guide

2.Types of domain name (short look)

3.What is a domain name How do domain work

4.Difference between domain name and web hosting

5.Different types of domain names

6.How to choose a domain name

7.How to buy a domain name

What is a domain name? Easy guide

What is a domain name

In this post i will tell you all about What is a domain name if you are a beginner then it is must to for you to read this whole article about What is a domain name.

A domain is a name of your website. In easy language it is a address for your internet audience.

With the help of domain name address internet users can access your website.

A domain name is used for locating and identifying computer systems on the Internet.

As we all know in the computer it uses IP address, that is the series of number.

However it is difficult for us to remember those whole numbers. thats why,

Domain names had been created or developed and used to pick out entities at the Internet rather than the usage of IP addresses.

A domain name could be anything, means any combination of letters and numbers

and it is able to be used in aggregate of the various area call extensions, together with .Com, .Internet, .in, .xyz and more.

The domain name should be registered before you can use it.

Every domain name is particular. Different websites can not have the same domain name.

If you have www.mydomainname.com and someone search for your domain name

So he will come on your website not the other website.

The fee of a domain name generally runs among $15-30 according to 12 months.

What is a domain name types(Short look)

These names are fashioned by using the guidelines and methods of the Domain Name System (DNS).

Any call registered within the DNS is a site name.

Domain names are prepared in subordinate tiers (subdomains) of the DNS root area, that is nameless.

The first-stage set of domain names are the pinnacle-degree domain names (TLDs), together with the ordinary top-degree domains (gTLDs),

Consisting of the distinguished domain names com, data, net, edu, and org, and the usa code top-stage domain names (ccTLDs).

Below those pinnacle-level domains inside the DNS hierarchy are the second-stage and 0.34-degree domain names

Which can be usually open for reservation by using cease-customers who wish to connect nearby vicinity networks to the Internet,

Create other publicly reachable Internet sources or run net web sites.

How do domain name work

What is a domain name? easy guide

Domain names work by way of performing as a shortcut to the server that hosts your website.

Without having domains, if someone want to visit your website he would have to put full IP address in the search bar.

As you know it is difficult for every people to remember the IP address.

Suppose myname.com is a domain name and it’s IP address is 

The IP deal with points to a server, but it doesn’t remedy the internet site if traffic try to use it.

That’s due to the fact for an IP address to resolve a website.

As you could see, messing with server defaults and IP addresses may be each puzzling and time-consuming.

That’s why the large majority of website proprietors choose to utilize a carrier like godaddy and bigrocks

Which offers bundled domains with annual internet hosting packages.

If you use Bluehost.com hosting then your nameserver will look like this:



These name servers are computers controlled via your website hosting business enterprise. Your hosting employer will forward your request to the computer where your website is saved.

This pc is referred to as an internet server. It has unique software program set up (Apache, Nginx are popular web server software). The web server now fetches the internet web page and pieces of records related to it.

Difference between domain name and web hosting

What is a domain name? easy guide

A website is create with help of so many HTML files.

As you know that domain is internet or web address of your website, then what does hosting work for your website?

Example: the web hosting works for your website like a house.

In easy language when you buy a web hosting it means you are buying a online cpu and storation place for your website.

Cpu will work for your website to increase page loading speed and will also be useful for your online storage.

To create a website you need both the things a domain name as well as web hosting.

Domain and hosting both are two different services and both are different comapnies.

Now you may thinking how will both the things work if you buy them from two different companies.

After buy a hosting that hosting company provides you nameservers through the email.

Those name servers work for you to connect your domain and hosting even if you buy both the things from different websites.

If you are a beginner then i will suggest you to buy both the things from same website.

Because that will save your time while creating a website. 

Different types of domain names

Not all the domain names follow the same formula, and even as .Com domain names make up for 46% of all international websites,

That still leaves plenty of room for different domain call types like .Org and .Net. Overall, the most common forms of domain names encompass

Top level domains: Tld

It is that domain which is at the top level in the whole system.

There are almost thousand domain TLD’S available but these are the domain names what are most common in the whole world

You may also have heard about these domain’s .com, .edu, .org and .net

Country code top level domains: ccTLDs

A country code top level domains is exactly what it sound’s like ccTLD uses only two letters

which are on the which country domain it is like .in for india and .us for the united states. these domains get used when someone want to work on a particular region.

Generic top level domain: gLTD

gLTD is a top level domain but it doesn’t created on a country code. gLTDs  are originally used for definite category like .gov(goverment).

That said, you don’t should meet any particular criteria to register a gTLD, which is why a .Com domain may not necessarily be used for industrial purposes.

Examples: .mil(military), .edu(education), .org(organisation) and .net basically .net domain was design for internet service providers but now it is getting use widely.

Second-level domains

British agencies sometimes use .Co.Uk as opposed to .Com, and it’s an excellent example of a second-level domain.

Another second level domain is .Gov.UK which is frequent utilize by government start.


Subdomains are useful due to the fact they don’t require site owners to buy an extra area name to create divisions within their website.

Instead, they’re capable of create a subdomain that correctly factors to a specific directory at the server.

This may be top notch useful for marketing campaign websites and

Other style of internet material that need to be saved as break free the main web page.

What is a domain name How to choose

What is a domain name? easy guide

There are so many registered domains are on internet and thousands of domains get register everyday

so it is very difficult to choose a correct domain.

These are some quick steps to remember while buying a domain.

  • Always try to buy a .com domain because it is easy to remeber and easy to promote as well as it works in every region this will be the good point for you.
  • While buying a domain remember one thing that your domain name should be short and choose that names for domain that you can remember easily.
  • Choose spell easy and pronounceable domain name.
  • Remember not to use number in you domain name.

How to buy a domain name

You can buy domains from so many different websites. A domain typically costs $16 for 12 months. popular companies.

If you buy a domain then you have to buy a hosting also,

to buy hosting then you also need a hosting company as well.

if you want to buy hosting then Bluehost.com is a good hosting company

To buy hosting at good price because Bluehost.com free domain names and 60% discount on hosting.


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